Thursday, March 17, 2011

Strawberries and Silk

 Bill and I bought a flat of Plant City strawberies when we went into town this morning.  When I got home, I gave Mom  a call.....Oh, how wonderful to have another woman in the kitchen to make some jam; especially when it is my owm Mother!  What a great time we had.  Instead of work-it was fun!  Twenty jars for the pantry!
On the fiber front,  Mom has passed on her silk knitting on to me!  I am making good progress on the first mitt.  I will make these a bit shorter than mine to fit Mom, and silk stretches rather than bounces back like wool.  Definitely has its own charm but is SO different from wool!
 For enquiring minds, here is a quick run through of how to knit from the silk hankie.  Peal one layer off from the stack,
 Poke a hole in the center and pull the circle out -you will hear/feel the fibers slide by each other.
 Continue drafting out the circle of silk until it is the same size around.  Break one side and knit from your lengthn of silk 'yarn'. 
I finished my pair of mitts!  They have been washed and blocked.  I will be saving them for a chilly morning-right now we are having a very warm spell-80's!


  1. Yum - homemade strawberry jam (just like my mother used to make).

    Thanks for the tutorial on drafting silk from the hankies - you make it look very easy! Unfortunately, I have silk tops and have no idea how to draft (not being a spinner). Perhaps DD, who is a novice spinner, can show me.

  2. Yummy! Strawberries & silk! 2 of my favorite flavors! Both look lovely!

  3. A delicious post -- jam for the tongue and silk for the eyes! Can't wait to help you eat some of the jam next month. :)

  4. lucky you - fresh strawberries! I think I'd have been too greedy to make jam from them:)) we're far away from fresh strawberries, but I couldn't resist and bought a jar of jam in the shop last week.... right now it's more like homemade lemon curd for me:))
    I really like the colours of your silk, I have to dig around my stash to hunt for my batch soon! might be just the thing to show at our spinner's group!


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