Saturday, December 21, 2013

Family and Beach!!!

 We went to visit Caleb and Cassandra and Ella today.  Uncle Jared got some double love!
 After lunch, we visited the beach.  Aria wasn't too sure of the water - it wouldn't hold still!
 The beach sand was a hit, though.
 She ran for the longest distances just going, going and going!
 She left her mark in the sand........
 There was some beautiful beach detritus.
 Ella is just learning to walk;  so she tried to keep up with Aria.
 Oh, yeah!  I can walk!  It is hard to be steady on the soft sand!
 The C's know how to savor the beach time......
We made a good group on the beach;  I am counting my they roll in all week!
This is what I am knitting-some easy Christmas-y dish cloths! 


  1. A wonderful start, and I can't wait to be part of the group soon! :)

  2. Looks like a warm and wonderful day at the beach! :-)

  3. Sounds like some fun family time. Mine leave tomorrow, Christmas is all but over for us. Have a really wonderful time with your family.

  4. The round dish cloth looks like a piece of candy!

    Savor these moments, indeed. Soon they'll be in school and then teenagers and... Okay, that was a bit too fast even for me.

  5. it looks so odd - christmassy colours in the knitting - and people in shorts and on the beach, 2 days before christmas:) outside the wind is howling and we have massive sleet showers - and you're sitting on the beach building sand castles:) looks like fun - I hope the good weather holds for you over the holidays, so that the rest of the family can have some beach time, too! enjoy!

  6. That one baby footprint is so poignant! Looks like joy was felt by one and all.

    Love the Christmassy dishcloths. I'm so impressed by someone who voluntarily knits entrelac!

  7. Great pictures! Love the little precious footprint in the sand :)


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