Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Progress is Slow but Steady

 I have been without a kitchen sink and therefore no kitchen water this gave a whole new twist to washing in the creek!  (BTW, it didn't work and I had to rewash everything setting up in the bathroom and using the tap water!  I forgot that the pool water is salt water and it just didn't rinse well!  Live and learn!))
 The sink installation  took all day yesterday but by evening;

 I had water!  And a new deep sink.......very gratifying.
 In between flurries of activity cleaning and helping Bill, I accomplished some spinning and swatching for the Fiber Binder Club with some Pygora and
 Mohair.  The Pygora is definitely softer by a little but they were both a good spin and knit!
Today, we conquer the dishwasher!


  1. Wow...WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to touch and feel in person!

  2. Oooo, how exciting. One day I'm going to touch it in person too!

  3. That's so funny,... our kitchens are pretty much the same colors, lol! It looks beautiful! Those swatches are so nifty. How did you get the book put together and all?

  4. that looks like a lot of progress! no problem with christmas cooking then:) and I had to laugh about dishwashing by the pool:) you could save on it by serving dinner on banana leaves.... I just saw a film about washing in medieval times - what a lot of work that was! we are so lucky today - even if it's just for running water and a sink in the kitchen! enjoy the new kitchen!

  5. Look at eh sheen on those swatches. Keep an eye out for the next Fiber Binder Club package as it has a present in it.


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