Friday, December 27, 2013

Too Sick?

The first year we were here, our Calliandra bloomed but every year since, it has gotten frosted and killed back before the bloom had a chance to be admired.
 But the buds are all growing and beginning to open!
Aren't they just amazing?!
The Christmas Berries are all red, too!  All signs of Christmas.  In spite of how I feel, the plans marched forward to a great conclusion on Christmas day.....
Cookies got made, candy consumed, sneezes a-chooed and tissues filled........
 The kids liked the preparations and the audience of adults arrayed in loving attention!
I am glad we agreed to cut down on gifts this year.......
Musicians sharing a duet.
 Cousin power.........

We really are having a great time even though 11 of the 15 of us have varying degrees of this virus!
(I am back at the helm after getting a boost of antibiotics from the doctors yesterday for the bronchitis-I am upright again finally!!)

We will be trying to get some family groupings and a whole group picture tomorrow!


  1. We have a calliandra in our yard too and the hummingbirds love it! What fun having grandbabies everywhere :)

  2. You're in California? So am I! I always wonder when I see your profile pic if that's the Pacific Ocean in the background. Sorry to hear so many in your family are ill. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for all of you.

  3. wow, that flower looks really tropical! and I wonder how it looked before you decided to cut back on gifts:) anyway, I hope you'll all be fit again soon - ready to greet the new year!

  4. Eleven of fifteen have the flu? Mega bummer!! Are the four healthy ones good caregivers?

    Looks like a wonderful celebration.

  5. My grandsons left Dec 23 but not without leaving the "souvenir" of a cold which has now morphed into sinusitis! Grandad, fortunately since he had to work every day except Dec 25 and 26, did not catch it!


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