Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brightening My Corner

 The quilt of Millie's vintage fabrics is off the frame and delivered to her!
 It was a blast to quilt!   How can you not be happy with all those colors?!
 The chunky hat has had a remake and is all blocked.
 I like it much better now!  Will add it to the stash!
 The weaving was completed last night and I put my line of clear school glue along both ends so first thing this morning I could cut it from the loom and hem it, press it and use it!
 The buffet is polished and reorganized!
  ( I will completely clear it when we cover it with Thanksgiving dishes next week!)
 If you look closely, you can see how the yarn goes thick and thin which gives a very complicated wave to the weave.   I think another one will happen with this yarn-I will experiment with a golden warp next time.  It was nice to weave again.
 Here is a project that has been waiting for me for several years!   This niche used to be a window until we built the addition.   Bill left if recessed for me to places shelves and pretties.  The glass come from the old jealousie windows in the train house where my parents stay each winter when Bill and Dad replaced them....I saved them to be used here and today it finally happened.   The long delay was also due to frustration trying to find small brackets-the glass is only 4" wide and the recess is under 6".  It seems you can't find them under 6" which means they would stick out.
 I bought these plastic brackets from Ikea and cut them with my scroll saw so they fit and then used tile adhesive to fill in the ends so they didn't look cut.  I used 3M foam double-sided tape to hold the glass to the bracket.  It is a heady feeling to conquer such hurdles!  (Now I can get serious about adding Lefton birds to my collection!)
 This is on my needles-it has to be my most favorite cardigan to knit!  My Mom made it for me growing up, I made it for Marsel and then Abigail and now I will make it for another couple of grand daughters!  The yoke grows by adding the lace chevrons which are popular again.  
  I am using Cascade Paint superwash worsted.  (Get a look at the price on this booklet!)
 I applied the grout today!  Oh, yes, it is just such a wonderful window treatment!
 We head to the tile store to buy some more tile tomorrow!  I have a job for a while to finish all the windows in the addition!  Bring it on!
 On my bucket list is pottery.  I have been looking for an affordable pottery wheel for a while.  With a timely word from a friend, I am now the proud owner of one!!!!
 I can not wait to get going with this!   The clay will be delivered on Monday and then you will see my efforts!  ( I think I could learn to make my own tiles......)
 I also bought a few pieces he had for sale for inspiration!  There is going to be a new art to delight my hands very soon!
 Bill and I took a tour this afternoon to see what the frost last night had done.   Yes, it did its worst to our banana grove.  Very sad.
The Maple trees will begin to color now that we have had two nights near freezing.  And so it goes.


  1. Posts like this are hard to comment on because they are so many praiseworthy projects!! Can't wait to get there and see everything in person!

  2. I loved throwing pots and such when I was in college. And I love hand-thrown pottery anything! I am so jealous of you!

    That quilt is awesome! I love the colors, the quilting pattern you used, just everything about it.

    So, the weaving bug hasn't left you entirely, eh? :)

  3. And what do you do in your spare time?

  4. I agree with Marsel! I love the colours in Millie's quilt -- I can't beleive they are vintage fabrics, they look right up to the minute.

    You were very creative in creating your own made to measure brackets and the glass shelves in the niche look fabulous.

    I tried weaving and pottery when I was at Teachers College in the mid-seventies. I couldn't keep the edges of my weaving straight nor could I centre a lump of clay on the wheel!

    You are amazing! Really!

  5. wow, those colours add real "zing":) pottery though isn't my thing - I didn't try throwing, I just used "rolls" to stack up stuff - but my fingers became so rough that it disturbed knitting and esp. spinning. one of them had to go - so I stuck to the fibres and gave the clay away:) how are you going to fire the stuff - will you get a kiln as well??

    I can see there's no boredom in your future:)


  6. Yowza! That's a lot of amazing things in one post. Love the quilt, love the cardi, love the weaving and love the new wheel. I used to dabble in ceramics in collage (ages ago) but I don't have a thing to show for it anymore. It all broke. That's why I took up fiber. It lasts forever.

  7. A potter's wheel! Neat-o! Can't wait to see what you do with that :)

  8. A potter's wheel. How great is that?? I can't wait to see what you make and am sure what ever it is will be wonderful.


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