Saturday, November 22, 2014


 I had a mission today in between the usual cleaning and laundry, I had to finish the quilt for the baby TODAY!  (Marsel and family are coming tomorrow for the week and she is bringing a quilt to work on so I had to get this done!)
 It took a considerable amount of time and brain power!  But I did it!  I mixed up free motion with pantos and had a wonderful time quilting his blanket!
 Abit of definition added to the turtle....
 Even the back looks cool!
 This was the turtle on the back, just before I added his eye!
 I got the binding done and then tossed it in the washer to give it the right look...... now to wrap a baby Elijah in it!
 On the knitting front, I stepped on the needle and snapped it!  Bill did emergency surgery and repaired it for me!   I didn't think it was smooth enough but it works just fine and I finished the second sleeve and started on the body!

On to the hem!  It was a long day!


  1. Your quilting is magnificent. That is going to be one lucky baby!

  2. You did it! My quilt is packed and ready to come to your house! So glad Dad could repair the needle -- not fun. See you soon!!! :)

  3. My goodness! Quite a marathon,

    Thank God for handy husbands!

  4. I love the turtle in your quilt. So cute!

  5. lovely finish on the quilt and good save on the knitting needle.

  6. I love that turtle!!!!! That is a beautiful quilt!

  7. that quilt is so cool, esp. from the back:) I hope the needle still works - I snapped one of my dpn and had to knit with 2/3s of the broken and sanded one until I could get a new set - not very practical, when you have to watch the stitches on that needle like a hawk - but I managed to finish the sock!


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