Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tile by Tile

I had just about given up on the hunt for tile for the back splash in our new kitchen.   Then our neighbor told us about this great place, Floor Decor,  in Orange Park so we took a drive.  Wow!  I would go there just to walk around and see the cool displays again and again!  I was excited to see this tile arrangement -it is the same pattern as the quilt I am working on right now!   Isn't this pretty?
It is a tessellation and it is really cool whether it is in a quilt or on the wall!
After we voted and stopped in for a lovely visit with friends today, and ate lunch, I got to work.  Here is my first day's progress.  It is going to take the rest of the week.  Definitely.
 When I finished for today, I went to see how Bill was doing-he was adding siding to the well pump house-almost finished!  He said the only way I was allowed to get a picture of him was if I included one of me with my tile......
 .......but don't expect another until Thanksgiving!  The tile involved a bit of planning, math and cutting the glass tile with my cool tile saw but once I understood my game plan, it unfolded pretty easily.   I didn't realize all the strength needed to place and work the tiles into place though.  The recliner time is reducing some of the soreness tonight!  I have to wake up fresh so I can finish this wall tomorrow!
While cooking supper, I did piece the blue block corner of the quilt-I missed my sewing room time!
I did a bit of this tonight-another Wild Leaves Hat in worsted weight acrylic.  It is nice to knit and look over at my new kitchen all over again!   It feels good to perk up that room........


  1. Oooohhh.....the tile work is gorgeous! I'm so impressed!

  2. I love love love your tile!!! I wish I had a great back splash like you.

  3. Oh the tile is so pretty! I love the colors :)

  4. Funny how you can find a quilt pattern almost anywhere...and you taught me to do the same thing! I keep forgetting to tell you that the plaza around the Supreme Court in DC looks like a quilt. :)

  5. Lovely colour choices in your tiles.

    Don't overdo it, will you? You've been without tiles this long so there's no reason to push yourself now!

  6. Don't you just love being productive on several fronts?


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