Saturday, November 15, 2014

Catching Up!

 Before we left for dinner at a friend's on Tuesday evening, I put the last stitch on the binding for the apple core quilt!
 I played around with the panoramic feature on my camera to catch the beautiful scenery around their home.  This is the front of the house.
 This is their back view leading to the lake.
 How is this for water decorations!?
 And one of these on the other side!
 The last waterlily open (they close at night!) after every other one had closed up!
 Bill and I caught the last sounds and sights of the sunset over the lake-it was breath-taking!
Bill enjoyed his dog fix!  I resisted.......

Sons had business trips so I got two daughters-in-laws and grandchildren!  The water was
And a lot of this helped with the activity level-their favorite indoor or outdoor actions was running and screaming and laughing-cute but.....well, LOUD!
 Bling had to go to the vet's for a cortisone shot to stop his allergic reaction-he doesn't do well in the Fall.
I ripped out the whole heel as I realized this yarn came with its own spool of reinforcing heel yarn and I forgot to use it!   RIPPPPPPP!
The water was a bit chilly and Will wouldn't part with his shirt-Ella on the other hand, was like a polar bear!  (The water was 80F)
Caleb came and collected his girls and lingered for a good dinner and visit.
There, that is better!   Well onto the second sock.   Great knitting.

Ashley worked on piecing her blocks into rows after she lined them all back up on the design wall.  
 Once she caught on to the whole diagonal thing, she worked right along.
 We blocked her fresh off the hook crocheted scarf!
 And in the evening she works on the new dishcloth learning several more new stitches!
 I have Millie's psychedelic quilt on the frame and found just the right pattern for making a groovy stitch pattern!
 It is bright!
 When we have a minute, I worked on some glass again-this one got this weird divot so I will have to take it to the grinder but I love the colors!
This one turned out pretty spiffy-considering I used brown glass, it changed color in the heat!
This guy is keeping us all hopping!


  1. Looks like a very tiring but wonderful week!!!

  2. busy, busy - and the lake photos with sunken boats are just perfect:) love the windmill quilt, very pretty...

  3. Goodness what a full weekend - and creative, too! I love the quilts! What lovely views you have, too.

  4. Wow, you really did catch up lol! The panoramic view on your photos is nifty.

  5. Yes, grandchildren are cute and fun and loud and exhausting! LOL

    You are staying very busy!

    I haven't heard of yarn that comes with its own heel-reinforcing-yarn.


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