Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Goal Achieved!

 I started bright and early today, glad to be inside while the polar vortex brings us very cold temperatures in the forties!
 The piecing was very straight forward and I enjoyed just adding one to another all day.
When it came to the applique plans......I hit a brick wall!  Note to self-do not buy this double sided fusible web ever again!  The paper just doesn't release and I had a mess.
 Then when I got the turtle done-it looked terrible on the neutral area!  The shell just got lost and he looked lost in the space where he was supposed to pop!
 I cut out another one and didn't like that either........finally, the third one was the charm!  Phew!
 I added the framing border and now I am ready to measure it for the backing when we go to JoAnn's this Thursday or Friday!  It is nice to see it all come together!
These guys were filling up on corn most of the day-it is cold for them, too, and corn is a good source of heat/feed!


  1. Brrrr....it's cold everywhere and I'm so over it already.
    The turtle quilt is brilliant. Lovely use of color and pattern!

  2. Great progress on the quilt! It is adorable!

  3. I can't imagine cold weather right now -- it's still cool in the mornings but the temperature today is set to reach 100*F and tomorrow will be even hotter! Summer's definitely on the way!

    Cute turtle -- I'm sorry he gave you so much trouble!

  4. I love the quilt! The turtle is very cute and the fabrics are beautiful.
    I know it's been cold up there. Both my girls sent me pics this morning of frost on their lawns in Jax, lol! S. FL girls... never saw frost


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