Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Fresh Sheet

 I finished the last entry for the Fiber Binder Club.  It was the Pygora goat fiber.  It didn't feel wonderful to card  or spin.
 Or even to knit ;  but when it was finished , it was an amazingly soft and delicious swatch!
 Look at the great halo of fibers!  I was wonderfully amazed-which is the whole point of trying new fibers and learning about each of the animals!
 The KnitPicks Chroma socks are finished-this one in the Mesa colorway.   It feels so soft and light-a great gift I received!  (I think I have enough to make a shorty pair of socks, too!)
 Today, I whipped off this pair of mittens using up an orphan skein of yarn.  Always good to stash bust!
On tomorrow's schedule, some spinning-this is the first month's choice for my own fiber adventure, Polwarth.   I am using the Fleece and Fiber Source book to get ideas for all the breeds I haven't spun yet.   I will be writing up my own articles and formatting it to continue the Fiber Binder Club collection.  I am still being a couch potato with the last of this virus attacking my sinuses-my energy level is pretty low and my stamina is quickly diminished.   I am building up my immune system slowly and surely....

January is a great way to begin with a fresh sheet for inspiration, accomplishments and creativity!


  1. I was surprised it wasn't nice to work with -- it sounded wonderful!

    I can relate to the lethargy -- it's warm and humid here and I'm still tired. I just can't face ironing a metre of badly creased (pre-washed) white homespun on a dirty ironing board cover (how do they get so dirty?) then hauling out the sewing machine and threading it manually (the new needle threader doesn't line up with the eye of the needle -- I'm not sure which is out!). The precision of quilting a quarter inch from the seam line doesn't inspire me either -- think I'll sit here and read blogs then do some knitting -- at least I can close my eyes doing garter stitch in DK weight yarn)!

  2. I haven't tried pygora yet, it's not available over here... but then it looks far too warm for me anyway:) I do have some polwarth, though it's white for me! it feels nice - and I am looking forward to the spin. I hope you'll feel better soon - taking it easy and sleeping, when you feel like it probably helps!
    get better soon!

  3. I can't wait ti see what you think of the Polwarth. I'll mine to test spin for the price sign for the first show next month, but I love hearing what others think as well.

    Also, I need to spin up my own Pygora. I was hoping to go to a spin-in on Sunday, but with the snow and sub zero temps coming through, I decided 2 hours of travel each way wasn't going to be on my schedule.

  4. Love the pygora goat. Feel better...the flu was nasty this year

  5. The pygora was such a surprise. I didn't know it would be less than a delight to work with since I've only ever seen it finished. Was it worth it?

    Polsworth is another stranger to me. So glad you are sharing your results with us.

    Hope you recuperate quickly. So much to knit! The Chroma socks boggle the mind, and the mitties - a pair in a day? Your needles must fly like the wind.

  6. I've never spun Pygora before. Very nice shine!
    The socks are great. You whipped up mittens. I wish I had as much energy as you do. I love them and with the cold weather sure could use them too.


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