Friday, May 23, 2014

Another Hobby

Bill and I had the pleasure of a long car ride to Gainesville to visit the neurosurgeon who will be evaluating my health and how the bulging disc is affecting me and the MS treatment.  The appointment was jeopardized by the Imaging center who was supposed to have my MRI records ready for me to pick up but instead closed a few hours earlier than they had told me for their  Memorial Day weekend without letting me know!  The doctor was a trooper to still see me but he was limited in his evaluation without this information. 
 (Bill and I will have to pick up the records and drive them to the doctor on Tuesday!)

FYI-Incompetence is rampant but unfortunately, not terminal.

I did a bit of knitting in the car on the way and back but car riding is so uncomfortable, I mostly just lean back and fight the pain.  (These are from the souvenir yarn I bought in Georgia.)
 Bill had a surprise for me on the way home-lunch on the deck at Corky Bells.  It went a long way to restoring my being!
 I was fascinated with the pine cones on the Cypress tree!
They looked like little fruit on the branches.........well, I guess they are, right?!


  1. Corky Bell' s is a good reward!

    The pinecones are very cool.

  2. Wow... don't you just love dealing with the medical craziness... NOT.
    It's like an hour to Shands.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about you medical mix up and health problems. You husband sure is a sweetheart.

  4. I hope its all good news and a good plan

  5. Well done, Bill, the perfect treat!


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