Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grand Finales!

The hat turns out beautifully and I have another skein that I will use to knit this again!
 We finished piecing the fairy tale quilt top!
It takes a bit longer to miter the corners of the border but just look at this-it is so worth it!  We will be finishing this at my house this Thanksgiving;   until then, Marsel has homework to finish the backing.  Nice to have this a continued work!
The resin project with the kids had a mixed result!   The insects interacted with the resin and didn't harden (and the bugs didn't stay sunk where they belonged!) and we had to toss those but lots did turn out well!  The leaf is and orphan earring we broke the back off and made it into a pendant-the rest is a polished rock and a stone from Amicolola Falls and my found shark's tooth and a purchased one!  Fun!
Marsel gave me some dish cloth yarn and I made this dishcloth-it is made with the trinity stitch so lots of bumps all over-a fun knit once I figured out what they wanted!
After saying goodbye, I flew home today........a new sock in flight and some chocolate helped soothe my sadness!
Bill treated me to a dinner on the deck of Corky Bell's on the way home....just perfect.
I unpacked-PuffDaddy says this is what suitcases are for-not for going away!


  1. the hat looks good! and after not doing any dishcloths for myself for ages (they all went the "gift" way...) I have to make new ones, some of mine look rather ratty by now:) and who's the lucky princess, who'll receive the fairy-tale quilt?

  2. Love the hat! And the quilt is so cute. I know what you mean about feeling sad about leaving your kids. I miss my girls something awful.

    Gotta love Corky Bell's :)

  3. Your absence is keenly felt here...but we are thankful for the wonderful time with you these last two weeks! <3

  4. So good to have such a great welcome at the other end after the sadness of leaving!

    ... and Thanksgiving is not too far away!

    (I'm all caught up now! Hoorah!)


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