Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's That Time of Year!

Alligator turtle! 
He brings 'snapping' turtle to a whole new level!  He came through our yard recently!
One of our resident gopher tortoises.  He is an adult with a  14" shell.
Yesterday, while some children came for a visit and we took a walk, we came across this young one with a shell measuring 2 1/2" !  It is the first 'baby' we have seen.
We brought him up to the house for Bill to see (and photograph) and then we returned him to his own territory again!
Spring has everyone on the move!


  1. Yikes. Mr. Snappy looks QUITE snappy!

    I much prefer the peaceful gopher tortoises! (Don't they remind you of something from the STONE AGE?)

  2. So cool. The older one looks kinda snappy and grouchy --> am I projecting? The little one is cute with his tortoise colored shell. get it?!?

  3. Oh How fun ! I love this post. Spring is a bit behind here but we expect to hear frogs soon on our bike rides! THat first turtles shell looked ceramic!

  4. Whoa! That's one cranky turtle. The wee one is too cute for words. I remember when we used to get them like that at the dime store.

  5. the alligator turtle looks like a steel helmet with legs - and "jaws"! I think I'd prefer the less carnivorous species:)
    and I do love the dark blue socks from the other entry - even though they are a strain on the eyes when knitting them. I am a sucker for all dark blues, esp. handspun:)


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