Friday, March 18, 2016

Foot Surgery #5

When I sit and wait for Bill in the hospital, I knit.  A lot.
It is a perfect activity to keep your hands busy while your eyes and ears can still be attentive when needed!  I am knitting the Zigzagular socks is much easier to knit in the lighter color than the navy.  My eyes say thank you! 
While we spent the day in the hospital so the doctor could remove what they thought was a bone spur, Bill did very well with the surgery and aenesthesia.
Thank you, Lord.
We don't take this lightlly.
We find out what the two grape-sized lumps were when we go to see the doctor on Monday afternoon.
Always an adventure!


  1. Hopefully those grape size lumps are just cysts. Will be sending strong healing vibes to Bill and good wishes that all news is GOOD news.

  2. Bone spurs are supposedly really painful. Hope the patient recovers well at home!

  3. Oh, no....what a bummer! Poor guy. That's gotta hurt.

  4. ...and the fun just keeps coming! :)

  5. ...and the fun just keeps coming! :)


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