Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Knit and a Snuggle!

I've been working on the 'new' vest.  I am glad I went with this instead of the other one.  Life is too short to hang in there with something you just can't stand! 
I like the linkage up the front! 
Here is a long term project-we woke up early and headed right to the sand box.  He lined up all these sticks and called it his man box! 
By noon the water had heated up enough to take a good dive with Grandpa.  He even took his bath in there! 
After a shared dinner with his great-grandparents he had a rousing good game of beach ball catch!
What a wonderful few days we enjoyed together!


  1. i can't wait to have grands! You look like you had a fun day! Pool! Yes! That seems months away from us in Chicago. I love seeing the water in your photos

  2. Sweet, busy boy! Love that he gets special times with his grandparents... I sure loved that opportunity when I was a kid (and I still do!).

    The vest is lovely!

  3. Man box!!!!! ROFL That kid is a hoot!

  4. So much fun... it must be so cool to have your little guy stay over.

  5. I totally get why people move to warmer climes now. Such fun!!!
    Love the vest. It already looks like you blocked it. Amazing!

  6. A good knit and good family times. The best of the life.


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