Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Twisted and Tried

The skein of navy kettle dyed superwash merino is finished.
I have 287 yards of fingering weight yarn which is enough to knit a pair of men's short socks. 
We went to Bill's podiatrist today to get the bandages off.  It was good to see the incision looking so well with a minimum amount of swelling.
The pathology report wasn't in yet which was very disappointing! 
BUT they did surprise us with the announcement that they are going to put him in a cast for four weeks!  Since what she found wasn't a bone spur but a growth around the tendon, she has to allow healing time for that tendon and the best way is casting.
We were a shocked.
This wasn't what we were expecting for recuperation expectations!
If we have learned nothing else, it is that God's ways very often lead in a different direction than we expect but it is always a better path.
Here's to the higher ground!


  1. Excuse me while I say "yuck!" I am very squeamish person.
    I am sorry to hear about the cast, but they do work. I had one for 8 weeks when I broke my leg. It was only really hard when I couldn't put any weight on on.
    Hoping for a smooth recovery!

  2. Sending good wishes for a clear pathology report.

    Boooooooooooo on having to wear a cast! :-(

  3. Whoa....that took my breath away! Poor, poor guy. Daughter had an issue like that with her hand once upon a time. She went in for carpal tunnel and they found weird growths around her tendons instead. They sent it off for identification and it came back from John Hopkins as being an unknown. We still have no idea what it was that was growing in her hand. It never grew back- not yet anyway.

  4. Praying with you, for you, and sending hugs. <3

  5. I think the cast is going to be very supportive. Im glad they casted it! It will heal so much better and he'll be safer with it. Your angels are watching out!

  6. having a cast isn't so great - but maybe better now than at the height of summer? and if the foot heals better, it's probably worth it; the scar looks painful!
    and the blue yarn looks very inviting! good luck with the healing - and the hobbling around:)


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