Friday, March 4, 2016

A Quilt Show

When Mom and I were at the quilt show last week, we had a discussion about the embroidered quilts we saw displayed.  I told Mom I remembered a quilt that her mother made for me when I was a baby. 
She said I had the story almost right, but the quilt I was talking about was made for my mother and then it went to me!  Wow, I thought it was old before but now we know it to be at least 80 years old!
(The color is somewhere between these two photos;  the fabrics have faded but the embroidery is in exceptional condition.)
The quilt has no filler or batting and isn't tied or quilted at all.
The outside blocks have been reduced because the seam allowance has reduced them considerably.
It makes me wonder if this has been cut down from a much larger quilt.
The embroidered squares are very 1930's. 
Sunbonnet Sue is still popular! 
Isn't this guy a handsome fellow?! 
Some of the blocks are very complex and others very simple-did some of my Mom's older sisters add their embroidery to the pile?
This quilt has such a story to tell and still so much is unknown!


  1. Thanks for sharing your own little piece of history!

  2. it's lovely to have such an heirloom in the family! it doesn't have to be perfect, but I am sure you and your mum before you had fun looking at the pictures as kids! my mom made a small one for me many years back, but she painted the pictures with textile paints - it went missing in one of our moves, but I still remember the pictures on it!

  3. This quilt is gorgeous! Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm a little girl again. These same 1930's motifs were still around in a lot of embroidery patterns and fabrics back in the 50's and 60's. So sweet :) What memories

  4. A FASCINATIN find for your family! The 30s seemed so innocent.

  5. Wow! That quilt was a LOT of work! The embroideries are so cute.

  6. It's so beautiful! That brings back so many memories. My grandmother made one like that but it was all butterflies for my mother. I inherited it and used it until it was worn to rags. I also had a very 1930ish Mother Goose embroidery of hers on my wall as a child. I'd give anything to still have them.


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