Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Binding Brigade!

The time finally presented itself to sit down and stitch the binding on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015! 
I sewed the binding to the back, turned the quilt and folded the binding to the front and stitched it in place! (There were 36" of binding!  Yes, it is a big quilt!) 
As soon as I cut the threads, the quilt went into the washer and dryer!
This is the way I like to put the finishing touch on my quilts!
                                Yes, I am very happy to have completed this year long project!
So what do you do with an empty quilting frame?
Load it up with one of the three quilts from the queue!
(This one is Millie's) 
Simple free motion on this one!


  1. The star quilt looks so pretty on your bed. Congratulations on the long awaited finish!

  2. Perfection!!! I agree. A washing and a drying is like blocking for quilts. It just makes it all come together. I so miss my sewing room. As soon as the costumes and scenery are out of there I have big plans!

  3. That is just gorgeous. I hate doing the binding. Mine never comes out even.

  4. I admire you quilters one and all! Lovely finish


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