Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The orange blossoms are so plentiful and so aromatic right now!  The wind blows trails of sweetness across the whole yard.  It is good....... 
I take Bill out for golf cart rides....this was his latest project-clearing the eastern boundary of brush.  The scents there of pine, vines and earth are very heady.  
I like the scent of woods to be part of my head clearing each day.
I am tired and a quiet ride so I can admire and savor these senses are treasures!
What do you do to decompress?


  1. I decompress by reading or knitting ----in TOTAL silence. I have even been known to pop in ear plugs to block out noises from outside. It SOOOO relaxing.

    I miss orange blossoms. Our neighbor had a grapefruit and some kind of orange tree. The FDA came around after the hurricanes of 2004 and made him take them out. I forget what disease they had --- could have been canker, could have been greening. The other neighbor has a grapefruit tree, but it doesn't send it's fragrance over here. LOL

  2. I have been walking the woods daily looking for signs of life. Listening to the songbirds at sunset has been a real tonic. I have never smelled an orange blossom. I bet it's heaven.

  3. no strongly scented flowers here to sniff at that time of the year! but to wind down I like to go out for a walk on what they call a soft day here - calm, with fine drizzle, down to the bog, where there are no cars, nothing but bird sounds (no real birdsong, just the little sounds they make on a rainy day) and maybe the dog sniffing about... perfect:) alternatively a bout of nice knitting will do the trick - if possible without the racket DS makes with what he calls music:)

  4. I love your aromatherapy. Walks usually help me if the weather is nice. Going to my knit shop is always a source of a pick me up. I also like to decompress by sitting on my porch in good weather and watching the birds.

  5. Yes the orange blossoms were doing their thing last weekend for sure. Love that smell.

  6. Funny that you should post this today...this morning I was wandering the twenty acres of daffodils at Gibbs Gardens, sometimes with no one else in sight, feeling the heat of the sun, smelling the woods and flowers and wind, listening to the birds...and being reminded of what incredible therapy that is for me! Ahhhhhh...


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