Thursday, October 13, 2016

Butterflies on the Frame

I loaded the butterfly quilt on the frame.  I had everything ready to go but instead it is in a pile?  I wonder why I didn't just load it right up already?
So I started right in on the angular borders but I'm going to stipple around the butterflies so they pop.
So far it is going pretty well, especially since I have had several refresher courses on picking out stitches!  All of a sudden, I forget which way to go!  I hope by the end of the quilt, I have memorized the patterns for the borders!


  1. That is just beautiful! My great grandmother made a butterfly quilt that I literally loved to rags.

  2. BUtterflies are so lovely. I didn't realize you have to memorize patterns in quilts too. But of course you would!

  3. That is just a beautiful quilt. I envy your skills1


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