Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Color Joys

The Roselle Tea plants are covered with blooms and buds.
They are in the Hibiscus family-the flower is large, about 5" across.  There is no aroma but the edible flower is stunning!  The leaves, buds and blooms can be picked and dried for a very aromatic tea! 
The rainbow quilt is off the frame and ready for binding. 
If I have a stay home day, I will get it finished!


  1. Everyone is posting their blooming things this week. You'd think it was spring instead of almost winter. It's pretty bleak here but I have seen some hints of fall color along the roads near town.

  2. You could gaze at that quilt for a long time without getting bored!

    And with a plant like that, it's too bad you don't like tea...!


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