Monday, November 21, 2016


I was 7" from the hem on this and the more I knit, the more it felt like I was slogging through a sweater for Jabba the Hutt.
Sure enough, when I laid it out as flat as I could under the arms, it was about 10" too big.
I knew it!
This yarn is cursed. 
I spun it years ago (Jacob wool) but everything I have ever knit out of it gets ripped out!
(3 sweaters and now a vest!)
But this time, I think I have it!
It is the stitch count and measurements of the green vest I made last month that turned out so well
with a few tweaks that will make it unique!
I am 9" up from the ribbing and into the cable and even beginning the waist shaping!
It's great to knit with confidence this time!


  1. You are so patient! 3 sweater trys and now a vest. GOOD for you. Inspiring. It is so good to find the right match because something led you to that yarn in the beginning?

  2. I agree with, Kathy. You are incredibly patient. I hope this time is the charm!

  3. Better to frog than to end up with a finished garment you hate!
    Fingers crossed it works out this time!

  4. Jabba the Hut....hee, hee...sorry but you made me laugh!


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