Friday, November 18, 2016

Got it Covered!

 After our long day on the road doing errands/doctor's etc, I finished sewing the binding on the hexagon quilt!
Bill is trying to hold it up for me to photograph but I have got to figure out a way to hang them for real-I will figure it out after I wash this today to give it just the right look I love;  and antique quilt look! 
 We stopped here for dinner on the way was quiet and restful and the food just what our weary bodies needed.
(Corky Bells in East Palatka)
And a bonus today, the soap smells amazing and just what it is supposed to smell like-peppermint!
But it didn't smell this way when I first made it and it didn't smell wonderful when I cut it up in the morning but tonight-it is amazing and fresh and it's going to be a welcoming bar of soap for every a few weeks!


  1. Ah, the quilt is gorgeous -- and the quilting design just adds to that classic, antique-y look -- beautiful!

    Beautiful view at Corky Bell's, too.

    Tell the soap I am coming soon! 😀

  2. I'd go to Corky Bells anytime! The water is so quiet and lovely in this photo. Your quilts amaze of ART!

  3. Another beautiful quilt! I really need to get working on mine!

    And that soap... totally looks like fudge!

  4. That quilt is adorable but I know just what you mean about that old quilty look. New quilts look weird until you wash them.
    Peppermint is a hard scent to work with. I've had issues with it too but it does usually right itself. With my last batch I put a tiny bit of peppermint fragrance oil in with the essential oil to be on the safe side. You get the tingle and that minty smell stays true. I am having the same issues with that cocoa butter soap I made that smells like chocolate. It smells great now but what is it going to do once you start using it? I'll find out next week!

  5. Your soap looks so yummy, I can smell it from here! Love your quilt, really pretty colours, and what an achievement, it's so huge!


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