Saturday, November 5, 2016

Art Class Day!

I am learning how much time it takes to do a watercolor!
There are so many layers and patience required so it is a good exercise for me!
I also have to work in different directions-the background before the forefront, the lightest color is achieved by leaving areas blank....
I'm loving every minute of this.
No, this is NOT finished, it is just layer number 3 on the bird.  There will be at least 4 more layers!
This is a crow in case there is any doubt!
I like finding my own style along the way!  
Yesterday, I worked on the backing for this quilt.
I had to add a bit to make it wide enough for the top.
There are more than 6 yards here-quite a bit more than the small lap quilts I have been working on lately!
I pieced the hexagon block and stitched it to interfacing and turned it right side out so I could apply it to the back, then I stitched it in place with invisible thread.
I also signed Mom's name, the date and place so it will work as a label also. 
(I don't know why the points look pink-they aren't, they are very white like the front!)
I finished the binding so it will be ready to apply at the quilt's completion. .
This is a lot of quilt.
I will wait a few days until the inspiration for the quilting designs arrives!
 (This is the hexagon quilt Mom made while here last winter!  I will have it done before she comes back in January!)

And Bill loaded up his trailer for the large community yard sale in town today!
He has saved junk  treasures all year for this event.
This year he hopes to make enough to buy a used 12 string guitar he has his eye on!


  1. Hope Bill has good luck at the garage sale.

  2. I love a pieced back on a quilt. The pieced block is brilliant.

  3. I love the bird, & the quilt Cindy! The back will be beautiful too.

    I like to take a photo of my quilt tops, then print on regular paper, & doodle on them until I know what I really want. It's better than ripping stitches, or not liking what I end up with.

  4. Your watercolors are just so pretty. (I can make a big ugly splotch in the forefront for you if you want -- I'm good at that! πŸ˜‚)

    Love the quilt and its backing!

    And hooray for Dad!

  5. Your watercolor is coming along beautifully. Of course, it's a crow -- that is obvious! Can't wait to see the final painting.


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