Wednesday, November 2, 2016


There are so many Roselle blooms -all in dusty peachey and rosey colors. 
And then we get one plant with YELLOW!
Now that's a first!  Pretty in its own right. 
I put the lighthouses/bridges quilt all together and even added all the borders!
I will need to purchase the backing and batting for it before it can go to the frame line! 
I filled the crockpot with some Bare sock yarn in Hawthorne.
I have a drawer full of socks but none in black.
It turned out nicely with just enough variation to look kettle dyed and not commercially so.
Not the most fun color to knit but I will pick a pattern stitch and enjoy it during the day!  
Sissy , who is usually the garage cat, has decided to be CLOSE to me every time I work at the sewing table.  It wouldn't be so bad except she wants me to pet her continually so she butts me with her head and that makes for some dicey measurements!
She lays on the fabric, bites it and generally wants to be very involved. 
My patience for help is diminished in the studio;  I have tons of patience when they hog my lap but in here I am more business.
I don't mind working around a sleeping cat but.......
Note the ears flatten and the evil eye? 
She goes from purr to yowl in a split second when Nyki walks into the room. 
These two fight all the time and I am often prime territory to WWIII over!
Oh, it can be pretty exciting in the land of feline!


  1. Is it a territory thing between Sissy and Nyki?

    Giroux is the first cat we've every had. So, we aren't very up on kitty behavior. I do know he likes to "help" too sometimes. He's pretty sure he's good at knitting and cross stitching. He also thinks he should be allowed to paint the walls. We are saying a BIG OL' NOOOO to that one.

  2. I laughed out loud over the pictures of Sissy -- especially the demon-look one! 😁

    The bridge quilt is beautiful -- I love how the border and sashing fabrics give the illusion of water around the bridges and lighthouses. Nice!

  3. Bridge quilt! Lovely .
    Cat fights, all in fun

  4. Wow...those kitties mean business! We have two outside males that go after each other from time to time and it's not pretty but we are lucky all the insiders get along just fine.
    Love the bridge quilt. I don't know how you get those big things done so quickly!

  5. The Roselle is so pretty. Makes me extra sad my Hibiscus didn't bloom this year.

    Your kitty helper makes me smile. Rupert and Peno are both too timid to get into too much trouble when I craft (though Ru is getting bolder). But both Tux and Rocky would have been right in there helping me out.


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