Monday, November 28, 2016

Settling Back To Normal!

 I started in with a bit of rearranging from company being here all week.
As so often happens when I begin a good clean, it sidetracks into other areas that could use a tweak!
I love having this crafting table but it keeps being kicked out of places so I have to find a new home!
This time, I think I have it!  I did have to rearrange bins so they didn't have anything hanging out so I could easily back the table in and out for use!  I even have an outlet so it will be nice to have a project going there and not have it on my sewing table!
 While I was doing mountains of bedding, I would tweak my Fall painting a bit so it can be framed and put away for next year!
 And then I got really involved in this between loads of washing/drying and folding!
I love the brighter green which gives it a more modern look.
This one is for my Art Teacher for a thank you as my Dec class will be my last.
I have found my way in watercolor and have signed up for an online class with AnnaMasonArt
as she paints in the style I would like to do.
 I even worked a bit on my latest pic, which is becoming a bluebird!
 When the UPS man came, I went right into the stash to find fabric for Accuquilt's free wallhanging of a birch like tree and cardinals!  It is very Scandanavian and beautiful in its simplicity!
Then I got stuck on picking out the cardinal colored fabric.
I will have to go online and look at a million bird pics and then still have to make up  my own mind-why do I get stuck like this?!
(It was too late in the day.......I'm decided now and it's all good!)
Which one would you pick?
Number them1-5 from the left.


  1. I like one and three. How nice of you to give a gift to YOUR teacher!

  2. My quick pick was 1!

    Your water color is gourd-ous! I can't wait to see how you frame it. (Don't forget to show us a photo.)

  3. Wow you have been busy. Such fabulous projects in progress as usual! Lovely fabric.

  4. Busy, busy, busy! I am the world's worst at picking colors so I won't even try to make a pick. They all look good to me!


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