Saturday, November 26, 2016

Family Thanksgiving Re-cap

 This is a bit blurry but I took it with my cell ph on delay shutter-it's how we look-in motion!
Three of my four children made it here for the week!
The meal was a feast but I liked the dessert decoration....I though it was a hoot from Rob Appell.
 We got right to work on crafts on Friday morning--here we are coloring quilt blocks with fabric markers!  All the moms and children made one!
 Even the little ones managed to get some coloring on theirs with help from mom.
 Grandpa did a lot of golf cart rides when the kids got a bit fractious and with this many, they did!
 We did get to swim;  I am using the royal we because I did not go in the 82* water!
Caleb played a game with Eli-he jumped in..... 
 to the delight of Eli....
 and managed to keep his head above water every time!  It was so fun to hear him laugh so hard!
And then in the afternoon, we began the long planned for pinecone flowered wreaths!
It was a very full day!


  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Baby Eli is ADORABLE! (Yep .... baby laughs are the BEST!)

  2. We had a wonderful week -- thank you for being willing to tolerate the chaos that ensues when we are all there! Love you.


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