Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not Mismatched!

I sat in the waiting room of the surgery center today for 6 hours and was able to knit for most of it!
This is not a pair of mismatched socks-it is one each of two pairs!
When I finished the first tube sock for a 4 year old, the yarn just missed the spot to begin the second one so I started the 18 month old pair!  
No, I didn't get them both done today-I went with these completed but I did finish the larger sock so now I have one pair done!
The smaller one will be done in an evening.
I did take along the Jacob wool vest;  boy that yarn is cursed.  I am plugging along on the vest, I have the front and back separated now but it is a slog;  I hope it is amazing when I am done!
(Bill had surgery to remove a fatty tumor...which was supposed to be a 20 min surgery that ended up being a 1 hour 20 min surgery.  The lump was larger than they thought!
And more involved.
And he had a bit of trouble after anesthesia.
Never boring but grateful to God it is over and he is doing very well tonight.)


  1. Whew...that sounds like a scary day. Glad to hear all is well.

  2. "Never boring" is the m.o. in our clan, isn't it?! Hooray for knitting to redeem "sit and wait" time!


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