Friday, November 11, 2016

Following the Strand

Yes, I've been having a lot of fun in the studio lately but I am still knitting!
I have been keeping the two socks pretty even but the Christmasy one got ahead yesterday when I took it to my doctor appointment and you know how much knitting you can get done while waiting and waiting..... 
See, the black sock isn't that far behind after catching it up tonight!
I also tried my hand at a couple of the new style stitch markers;  they are super easy and much more versatile.
I can use them in the usual way, I can attach them to a stitch and reposition as needed to show the right side of the work and I can use them as progress markers so you can see you really ARE getting somewhere on that garter stitch shawl! lol


  1. It's always so much fun to see how the yarn plays out as it becomes a sock! The stitch markers are lovely, and that clasp-style is a great idea.

  2. that's a great idea with the markers - I put mine on lobster clasps, but they are much smaller than the earrings - and fiddly to put on! I made them as marker for crochet, because there's no needle to put them on, the marker has to be fixed to the stitch instead!
    happy knitting!

  3. Your socks are so dark. IM really impressed with it! knit on! and i love a stitch marker


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