Saturday, November 12, 2016

On the Way!

Two little cross body purses for my Washington grand daughters!
The purse here is for their mom so they will get a pkg of practical girliness in a few days!
I mailed out the package today! 
Look what I found at the Palatka DQ !
It is a little free library!
My blog friend, Dee, of Meanwhile in Florida is always sharing posts about these cool little street corner library boxes she spots around town.
I had never seen one until now!
I had to pull over and take its picture so I could prove it!


  1. The purses are pint-sized cuteness!

    Did you borrow a book or just take a picture? (We have one in our neighborhood!)

  2. We have one two at the little market that sells local produce. It's such a good idea. I could fill all their shelves with all the books I have to give away. We used to have a donation box at the big supermarket that collected used books but it's gone. I used it all the time.
    The purses are adorable. Someone is in for a treat!

  3. The girls are going to love their new bags.

    Hey ---- what a great spot for a little free library --- ice cream and a good book!


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