Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saturday was Outdoors

 Caleb wanted to play outside;  he asked if there was something guy-fun he could do that would help Dad and I....yes, there were several trees to take down.  He didn't have to ask twice!  It was his first time at the end of a chainsaw and he was a natural!
 He even asked his wife to take a turn;  she is always game!
 He traveled around the yard cutting down unbalanced branches or trees.  We even took down a tree that needed rope and me behind the truck to place tension on the tree to pull it down the right way.
We had a wonderful time and worked well together!  The kids played around the branches, watched the trees 'timber' and helped with branches.
 This one fell across the right of way we care for and so we had to take that one down quickly.
He really got the hang of it!
 We all scrambled to pick up the branches and load them on the trailer as fast as we could!  Since the tree was a dead one, it wasn't as heavy as some of the others, gratefully!
 We had a large pile to haul down to the burn piles!
 The kids really enjoyed all the equipment and rides and mess and dirt!
 Even the youngest, Ethan, helped out with the yard work!  He is walking at only 11 months (tho he started a month ago!) and navigated the ground very well!
 But by far the tractor ride is still the favorite mode of transport!  Caleb not only cut down all the trees but cleaned up all the mess, too, separating the brush from the firewood chunks.  He felt good after a good day's labor and his father and I appreciate the strong, young arms!
 Here are a few out takes from the week.....making brownies on the floor because they couldn't both fit on the stool!
 Abigail at the computer during quiet time!
 Bruce enjoying the kitten that Caleb and Cassandra brought!  She was a favorite to all of us!
David stole my cell phone for a selfie!
Here are the three very different versions of the same pinecone flower wreaths!
 I love to have the kids around-both generations of my kids!  The week was too wonderful for words!
What am I thankful've just seen it all!  (But one-my NY family and my Seattle ones were in my heart and mind, too!)


  1. Get those littles working early! Ethan is a natural!

    Looks like EVERYONE had a good time (even Grandma!) Glad you had such a great visit with family!

  2. Look at that baby go! Our littlest grand is now walking too. It's a wonderful age. The wreaths are all beautiful. I had never seen a pinecone flower wreath before.

  3. We have cut so many trees (14) big ones this fall at our new home. Isn't it agreat feeling afterwards that you have cleaned up the trees that needed to go. I love the brownies on the floor explanation!


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