Friday, November 18, 2016

Washed and Dried

 Bill helped me hang the quilt on the wall for photos after I washed and dried it!
 I did this loop design on each hexagon and kept the whole triangle areas continuous from one edge to the other-it was a good brain game!
As I was trying to catch the picture of the quilt, Nyki came up on the quilting frame and posed. 
 She looked right at the camera which never happens!
I was laughing so hard.  She was so serious and I was cracking up.
You can't figure out cats!
Well, this project is done.
Time to pick the next one!


  1. Kitty has a perfect backdrop. It's beautiful!

  2. Oh, Nyki!! Cats are so...catful. :) Her posing with that quilt surely makes for a beautiful picture!

  3. Quilt With Cat. It's a piece of art!

  4. I love the quilt! the colours are not too pastel, but not too bright either - perfect! only topped by Nyki in front of it - she goes so well with the colours:)

  5. Beautiful - and the shot with the cats are perfect - just like a magazine!

  6. I agree, the cats are perfect . I heard quilts that are amish always have some black in them!


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