Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hampshire Sheep Breed

 This little sample skein 
came off the wheel recently.
It is part of my Down Breed study, Hampshire wool.
 I purchased this as roving from Dyed in the Wool.
 It was a nice wool for long draw so the yarn is woolen spun.
It is springy and sweet.
I like the sample in natural.
I will be spinning the other 3.5 oz in color.
On to the dye pot next!


  1. Trying out new breeds is so much fun!

  2. You're a spinner, too? Since I'm a new follower, I have a lot of catching up to do. ;o)

    The sample skein looks wonderful. I looks like it would be a delight to knit.

  3. The top photo almost looks like it has a little silk in it. Can't wait to see what you dye up.

  4. Those sheep are so cute. The fiber looks springy and comfortable!


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