Monday, May 22, 2017

Snippets of Life

 Little Nemo is now styling in his new pair of shorts!
"No shirt required!" says the lord of the manor.
 I am cranking out a pair of socks;  
it is a dream to just knit round in circles
 instead of just running like that!
 Caleb and Cassandra came to give some cousin time Saturday.
Will and Ella cried and cried to have to say goodbye.
I know the feeling!
 I moved my African Violet outside to the plant stand on the porch.
I worried it wouldn't be happy.
Boy, am I glad to be wrong-this plant has never been so prolific!
(I started this one from a leaf so we are bonded! lol)
 The wrens build nests in a dozen of my porch plants but never DO anything with the piles of sticks.
Until this year!
I went to water the plant a few weeks ago and had the mother fly into my face!
I checked it out and could feel four eggs.
And look at the four little babies!
Both parents are flying in and out all day trying to keep up with their demands.
I feel a kinship to their activities!


  1. I love African Violets. My mother and grandmother always had a window sill full of them.

  2. Nemo looks great in his jeans shorts!!!

    I remember feeling just like your littles ........I didn't get to see my cousins often due to them living in another state. I hated when we had to go home.

  3. nemo is just wonderful
    birds making baby birds...thats' life right?

  4. Love the baby birds!
    Our neighbour named their new daughter Wren (the one I just knit Leisl for). They were shocked when I said "oh, like the bird!" Apparently no one else knew! I think it's a lovely name, and a lovely bird.

  5. Nemo looks comfy in his cut-offs and ready for some pool time. The pool area is delightful and would be a great place to knit, too. Love the socks!

  6. Your socks are great...and Nemo too. Love the baby bird pictures - thanks for sharing.

  7. The cat turned out great! Overall, was it fun or a pain to knit? The socks are so pretty -- love those summer neon-y colors! The violet is so pretty...

  8. Those cats shorts are adorable. We have wrens always trying to build nests in our garage. They bring in sticks and make such a mess and I am always sorry to destroy them, a garage is no lace for a nest. Last year they tried to make one in the seat of Little B's stroller.


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