Friday, May 5, 2017


Beautiful Lena catching the early morning sun.
 See the new idea with the last (I hope) of this yarn-
 Brioche;  so one side is very colorful and the reverse is pretty white strips.
But the problem is....
I could see,
 once I had two inches under the needles,
 that the hat was too large for a newborn. 
 Even worse, when I removed the needles it was even larger!
Off it went for the third time!
I hope to find the right number while I knit when the boys play out front this morning!
 And I want to finish this watercolor scene-

 And this one so I can take them to my art class tomorrow for teacher critiquing.
Now if I could only extend the hours in this day, I could accomplish all three goals!


  1. Isn't Lena a lucky kitty! I think of how different my six's lives would be if I hadn't taken them in. Rescuing is so rewarding.
    Good luck with that hat. I can't design worth beans. Just knitting is frustrating enough some times.
    I bought some cheap watercolors yesterday to play with. I'm a captive audience at Son's for the weekend so I thought I would You Tube some inspiration and see what happens.

  2. Awwwwwwww... I love seeing pictures of sweet Lena. Those delicate little white mitts!!!!!!

    Giroux sends his love!

  3. Aww, nothing better than soaking up the morning sunshine: Lena and I are kindred spirits.

  4. I love your watercolor ! My sister is taking up painting again. I am in awe of you all. As far as the hats go, oh my goodness . It is often a struggle for me.

  5. my goal would be to lie in the sun like Lena, doing nothing whatsoever:) no, not really, I get bored if I have nothing to do for my hands... but I've been known to unravel brioche projects several times as well - making a gauge and measuring it isn't quite as easy as with other patterns! I am sure you'll manage eventually though - even without more hours in the day:)


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