Saturday, May 20, 2017


 Meet 'Nemo' the cat.
Will has a cat named this and since they are both orange, 
he stuck with this name.
I will make another for Ethan at least.
It wasn't a horrible knit to make all the pieces 
and I think the second one will go more quickly.
 I did not like all the seaming....
I might try knitting in the round and see what happens.
But it is a very well written pattern 
and I could see what needed to be done each step of the way!
 After I looked at the first blog pic of the two Hunter Star squares, 
I could see I pieced the second block wrong-it was in the reverse.
I ripped it out and finished the other two blocks!
Now you can see the secondary pattern these blocks create.
Since there is no more fabric in the stash,
 I have chosen some similar prints and will make a small medallion quilt 
out of this central theme.  
More to come.
 I pieced all the squares together for this little lap quilt-
see how pretty the kitty blocks are?!
 Happy me;  Millie brought over a finished top for quilting!
The frame is so much happier with a quilt on board.
I will be using a pantograph to finish this one.
And since the needles were empty....I cast on a sock to clear the palate!
It was like coming home after a long trip........!


  1. Nemo is adorable - well done!

    Hmm, I didn't notice the problem with the quilt block. I need to go back and look more closely.

    The yarn for your sock is intriguing the way it is striping. What is it?

  2. That's a very sweet kitty! That star quilt is just amazing. It will be a perfect center for what I am sure will be something else spectacular.

  3. You have been so busy these past few weeks you are making my head spin. I love all you have made and can't wait to see that dye, it is going to be beautiful.

  4. I am so impressed with your cat. He looks like a lot of work, but he turned out to be adorable. As is the cat lap quilt. I definitely have to buy a charm pack and make a lap quilt.
    Your sewing machine is both gorgeous and terrifying!

  5. Nemo is the PERFECT name for the little kitty! Congrats on an ADORABLE new pet in your family.

  6. Nemo is a purrfect name for an orange cat!

  7. Sooooo this great lady I know taught me the habit of reading a magazine back to front, but when I try to catch up on her blog in the same fashion, I end up asking questions in the first post that have already been answered in the previous post -- whoops! 😁 The Hunter Star quilt is just gorgeous -- and the kitty blocks are adorable. Lots of quiltiness to love in this post!


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