Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shadow Hat Experiment #4

 The two knit fabrics side by side are very pretty and very different.
The white shows the intended pattern much better
but the hat on the left is color saturated!
 The hat looks mostly colored and the peeks of the white show but a little.
You would never know they are the same pattern.
I liked doing the experiments in color
exchanging the main color for the contrast color.
I think the pattern was wasted on this version
as it is when you use a wildly colored yarn for cable work-it just gets lost.
I have four new baby hats and a lot of good experience with color now!


  1. I like both, but the darker one is my favorite.

    Look at all that lovely yarn in the bins! Have fun knitting.

  2. They are ALL pretty. But, I think I like the LIGHTER one better. There are going to be some very happy babies soon.

  3. You are really cranking them out. They are all so different but everyone is a keeper!

  4. Yes, a huge difference in the two . You are having fun with these charity hats, and I'm so glad. Color makes knitting so interesting

  5. It's always fun playing with yarns. A little change can make a big difference!

  6. Lena is definitely a pretty kitty! I have been enjoying the parade of colors from this yarn and will be sad to see it end! Love to see your artwork...


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