Saturday, May 27, 2017

Crazy Week....

 When you are gone almost every is hard to find time to post!
I have done a little knitting on kitty #2, this one for E named Wylie.
 Slow mornings look like this.....playdough after breakfast!
 It's something we all enjoy!
I Oh! and Ah! while catching up on my laptop between them.
 I finished the rest of the blocks I started on Monday's sewing time and it took all week for the layout to grow on me.
I am using up scraps, I remind myself.
 Bill cut down a tree while E was sleeping so I could be out there to help.
 Timber we sang!
 First a bit of play....
 ...and then some work.
Grandpa cut it up while we loaded up the brush on the tractor.
 Time to go and dump it all!
If I really want to creep out Will,  all I have to do is wave this disembodied head!
It makes him half squeal and half dry heave! lol


  1. LOL! Love the disembodied head story!
    Your grandsons are gorgeous, and I can see how much fun you have with them.

  2. Lol on bugging Will -- he is so much like Dad and David on those things!! It was nice to get a visual catch-up of highlights from your crazy week.

  3. It's the small everyday activities that make lasting and precious memories. Kitty #2 is adorable.

  4. I am amazed you are getting anything done with all that going on!!!

  5. Wylie is going to be adorable.

    I had a little giggle about the last photo!

  6. Looks like you've got two busy boys!

    and I have to admit.. that severed cat head is a little creepy... :)

  7. i Love the cat! I love tractor time with the boys.


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