Monday, May 15, 2017

Snatches of Time

 Snatches of time has resulted in borders on the wildly colored star quilt.
I have nothing to back it with so this will have to be shelved until
I get to JoAnns to purchase the fabric. 
It was a nice experiment in color!
 One preemie hat finished, several more to go.
It's a quick knit, uses up small amounts of yarn that would otherwise
be useless and goes to a good cause.
What's not to be excited about?!
This is the yarn I picked up at Hobby Lobby on Friday.
It is DK weight and very soft but has enough structure to make the stuffed toy.
I saw another skein I loved for a grey cat but I thought I better see if I liked doing this or it ends up in the burn pile.....
Little pieces but cute results.  I finished these in bed last night and wasn't near the stuffing needed for the head orthe accent colors for making the face,
 so I will tackle them later.
 I am following my 'first time with this pattern' motto-
follow directions exactly the first time.
And then note areas where you might want to make changes for the next one.
These parts are all knit flat and seamed so that is different than my usual preferences.
New doesn't have to be so bad.
Stay tuned.


  1. Daughter showed me a pattern for a doll she wants me to knit for her and I keep telling myself I can do this but I'm not so sure. All those little pieces scare me and I am terrible at seaming.

  2. The tie-dyed star quilt is amazing. I love the circles inside the circles.

    I'm not brave enough to knit small pieces and attach them to other small pieces. The ears you knit are adorable. I'm eager to see the finished kitty.

  3. You've got rainbows every where!

    Can't wait to see kitty!

  4. I can't wait to see the kitty too! Happy knitting!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I'm another who is anxious to see your finished kitty!

  6. The phrase "eye candy" comes to mind with this post. Those rainbows are delicious!


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