Monday, May 1, 2017

Stained Glass Baby Hat Conclusion

The hat turned out beautifully but I am not sure if moms will want their newborns in black.
 None of the rules of dressing baby are the same as 40 years ago when mine were newborns so I will knit more.
I am using up yarn and enjoying the results!
Speaking of results, the bowtie quilt washed and dried perfectly!
Those folded centers stayed folded
 and give just enough dimension to look as they ought!


  1. Well done! Both the hat and the quilt look fabulous. Not many are drawn to "traditional" baby colors anymore, which is a good thing.

  2. The hat turned out cute! I know it will find just the right baby to keep warm.

    Love your quilt! You had a very good crafting weekend.

  3. Any baby would be adorbs in that hat! Black is cool! The pop of the bowties is amazing. How'd you do that? LOVE the look

  4. I know lots of new mom's would not mind black at all! Keep knitting that stash!

  5. I love the way quilts look after the first wash!

  6. Those are both beautiful finished products. I think most moms would love that hat. The colors are spectacular against the white.

  7. The quilt turned out just beautiful! So vintage-y! I think there are probably quite a few moms who would love this hat option.


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