Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Few New Threads

Mom and I made this; a dalmation dog backpack! For those of you familiar with the Equitable Grandmother Syndrome, this is to balance the 'ballet skirt' I made for Abigail. One of the many projects in my stash that is no longer an idea but a finished object!
I now have two skeins of beautiful merino for a pair of socks!
Another one of these ............... becomes one of these! It does turn out better with the bamboo than the wool I used for mine. This is the leftover skein from Mom's scarf.
Now on the needles......the Bling yarn to make a beaded pouch. It moves right along.
Mom needed an idea for another block for a group quilt and so I thought I would teach her fusible applique. We searched the internet for a coloring book page of a child's top- then proceeded to enlarge it, trace it and then pick out fabric from my stash to bring it to life. I immediately made a large goof-I fused the pieces to the right side of the fabric and didn't take long to realize the teacher needed a refresher course in fusible applique! After a good laugh, we tried again. Our lesson on satin stitching will have to wait until tomorrow because this afternoon we are going to the sewing group to make sleeping bags for the homeless again.


  1. I know a little boy who will thrilled to pieces that his grandmas felt the need to be equitable. What a cute backpack!

    I am collecting Molly fur, but it'll take a while to get enough to use. After a week, we only have a little pinch of fur so far!

    I must admit, it's nice to be reminded that The Sewing Wonder (you!) is human, too!!! :) Good laugh!

  2. I like the backpack on you, maybe, you should keep that.

    So you're saying when I become a grandmother life will be fair? Because I spend a certain amount of time saying to my children "life isn't fair" it's good to know as I get older things will even out.

    If you're in the market for cat fur Gilbert could help you out, he's a fur maniac.

    I think everyone fuses to the wrong side of the fabric at least a few times... once per project if your me.

    Beautiful headband although I liked the chocolatey coloured one.

  3. Love the colours in the sock yarn!


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