Friday, March 27, 2009

A Sock for the Invalid

I have my daughter back from surgery; she is doing well. I have made her one of a pair of socks. It is from the handpun I did recently-I think it looks like the azaleas in my yard but she calls it rainbow sherbet! The pattern is from my new 101 Designers One Skein Wonders book. I made a few alterations-when don't I?! But it turned out fine eventually and I have cast on the second sock!

It is raining again today and the forecast is for more tomorrow. Bill is going stir crazy so took off to find a mall while I play with the kids and Marsel recoups. A good day all in all.
(I tried something new on the bottom of the sock heel; I added a strand of nylon to the sock yarn and we will see if this helps the heels last longer. I darn her socks for her but would rather not if I don't have to! I think I will also have to try some BFL fiber for the next pair and see if it last longer as a yarn choice!
*BFL=blue faced leicester is a long wool sheep which is supposed to be a good choice for socks


  1. I'm so glad Marsel is doing well! Rainbow Sherbert is exactly what I thought when I saw the pic. Bring some of that rain back with you, we need it. Give M my love.

  2. Azaleas or sherbert -- those are lovely colors. I'm sure they will expedite Marsel's recovery.

  3. Glad Marsel is doing well. So sorry we missed you-we were looking forward to the boat ride and Corky Bells with you both. Next year hope you will be home when we come. Love spending time with your parents. Sharon

  4. Thank you for my socks -- I love them!

    And may I point out that the angle of this picture makes it look as though my foot is long and skinny. :)

  5. We so appreciate your very nice compliments on our new blog!

    I love the way the colors flow in these socks. Perfect for spring.

  6. Pretty socks.

    Get better soon Marsel!


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