Sunday, March 1, 2009


We hear this guy every day. We can spot it on the fly but today as we were heading out our driveway he was perched on the fence across the road! He let me take several pics-I had to be sure and get one good one! He has hung around since we started work on the house (last summer) and we heard him tease for food from his parents all the time-he is very vocal and it was nice to finally catch him up close for a good glimpse so we could look him up in the bird book!

Can you guess what kind of hawk he is?

A red-shouldered hawk!

See his red patch on his shoulder and not his tail-we had red tails in NY so it is nice to meet the southern cousin!


  1. He's beautiful! It's nice to finally see him up close after hearing all of his "I'm hungry" racket!

  2. Dd loves hawks; well, any kind of raptors really.


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