Monday, March 30, 2009

What an Eclectic Monday!

We started out the morning by sorting through the mail and drooling over the package of new yarn which arrived from KnitPicks!

Next, we went out and picked a ton of snow pod peas for supper! So glad they survived and thrived after all the frosts! Had them for supper and they were superb! (Pan fried!)

I bought some stained glass window supplies last week -I told you I was going to! Bill was the hero of the moment today because he told me he had a stash of glass he had salvaged from the shed we tore down on this property several years ago. The previous owners had dabbled in the craft and left a ton of supplies of glass behind. I thought he had saved a single box of glass but for once the packrat husband of mne outdid himself........this is the haul Mom and I stacked on the shelves in the garage! I am amazed and very pleased-I am stocked for life!

See Billy smile-I am not usually so thrilled with his hoarding...............!

Mom and I tried to sort it but there was too much-we just carried each HEAVY little box to the garage knowing that I have a supply of every color available to me!

After lunch Mom helped me warp the loom for my next project. It was a lot easier and more fun with a friend! Thanks , Mom! While we were flitting from one medium to the next, the guys were hard at work knocking out a doorway through the cement block wall from the house to the north addition!

They had to drill holes for the corners of the new doorway and then draw the saw lines on both sides and be sure they matched up-the fun part!
They did it-once the lines were scored on both sides, they knocked out the wall pretty quickly!

The doorway now has a piece of plywood covering it and the washer/dryer are back in place-no escaping kitties allowed! What a great team they make.........too bad my parents are going home in a few days! :'(
This is the new pair of socks on my needles.........ready to turn the heel.
This is what is on Mom's needles.....she is on the last row of this lap robe.

That is all for the day!


  1. WOW! Lots of stuff here! You are so diverse! Nice supply of glass.
    I am tempted by pretty glass, but I buy it & give it to my friend Mindy, who does fusing & stained glass. I let her keep all the stuff for glass, & I have all the stuff for quilting.

  2. So what KP yarn is that and what colorways? Now, if you had found the boxes hoarded away would you have tossed it? Tell your mom I love the lap robe and I'm impressed by the amount of dedication that sort of project takes.

  3. Oh my! Dad really does win the prize on that haul!

    Grandma's afghan has grown since I last saw it. :)

    Lots of fun stuff guys quickly made up for lost time!

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with the stained glass. How exciting to have that stash of glass!!!


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