Monday, March 2, 2009

A Wool Day

This morning we had a visit from a couple (the Morans) who used to live next door to us in NY-I used to babysit for their kids (who are all grown and with college bound kids of their own!). They are here to see my parents but they wanted to see where we live and the building project, too!

After they left, I did some spinning in the backyard-the wind was chilly but in the nook by the back door it was very nice. I caught up on my knitting podcasts and spun a bobbin full of the new fiber.
I got a bit sunkissed so went in to do some carding. I have had this idea to make the superwash sock fiber even more durable by adding some nylon fiber. So, I carded up my superwash wool roving with some of the nylon roving after a little bit of math and some weighing-I wanted an 80/20 mix found in most sock yarns. It carded up well and I have some beautiful batts to show for my work-just one batt to go!
I did finish Abigail's vest-even sewed the zipper in! I lengthened the vest by an inch and therefore didn't have enough yarn left to sew it together but I know the extra length was needed and now it will fit again next year, too! (One nice part of having a yarn stash is that I only had to paw through 2 bins to find a 'close enough' match to finish sewing it up!)


  1. Lovely vest; I'm sure Abigail will love it.

    I've never heard of nylon roving [I don't spin so it's not really a surprise!], I just assumed one would purchase it as yarn! Most sock yarns here seem to be 70/30 wool/nylon.

  2. Oooh, it's lovely! I can't wait to put it on her!

  3. Oh, wow! I LOVE that vest!! It's so cute! Did I miss earlier posts about it? (entirely possible). Did you write the pattern?

    Yes, I'm back - sort of. I've had a looong hiatus from blogging, spinning, anything, b'c life got so busy - and still is! I decided to 'rebel' and make some "Me Time" this morning.

  4. That vest is absolutely beautiful!


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