Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nyki Fetches!

I have had cats all my life and never had one that plays fetch. I do mean the "throw it, chase it, retrieve it and bring it back , drop it at your feet and ready to do it again" kind of fetch! I mean, have you ever heard of such a thing?!
How long does she play? Until I quit-45 minutes is my longest endurance time and she was still going strong! It is what she plays last thing before bed and first thing in the morning.........
I bought another package of 'mousies' today and she greatly approved the purchase!

I finished knitting the hood to Abigail's vest.......will have it done and pictured on Monday.

Mom and I have been knitting these bookmarks-will also decorate with a tassel and beads...coming soon. (#5 pearl cotton and a pattern from 101 shop One Skein Wonders book)
We also finished 3 flannel baby quilts today! Only one left to piece, quilt and bind! It has been a great stashbuster project!

Nyki gets a bath from Bling..........

And they play with a rubber snake. They are great friends now-Bling even brings in chameleons to share with Nyki-no, I don't have a picture of that yet-I run to catch it and toss it outside because Bling practices a catch and release technique !

It was balmy, and so delicious out today-85* and it felt so good. Bring it on!


  1. Oh, I miss Nyki! I mean, I miss all the rest of you, too, but you're not quite as cute and cuddly. :)

  2. Yeah, the temperature was about that here today but unfortunately it's the end of summer. :-(

    Still, winter is good for warmer knitted things and bigger, warmer knitting WIPs, right?


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