Friday, February 6, 2009

Chilly Week

Hopefully, this is the last morning for freezing temperatures. This is my patio table covered in frost.
It has changed the flora of our yard for sure. Frost covered everything in the backyard but the temperatures did climb to 60 degrees though little warmth was generated. Making good progress on the sock. I think I will finish the first one tonight. K2 P2 ribbing does feel like a Twilight Zone but I can see I am making headway. I finished the other flannel baby quilt and Nyki helped me cut the backing and load the doggie fabric Psalm quilt.

My Dad put his back out of kilter so we took the day off so he can rest-we will re-evaluate on Monday after he has had a few days to recoup--company comes next week so he will have a break from carpentry work!


  1. Are you ready for us?! I hope your penchant for finishing projects rubs off on me while I'm there -- you've gotten a lot done, as always! :)

  2. I love the sock colors. I can't believe your working on the house and getting quilts and knitting done.


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