Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Gallery

First, I can now add to my repertoire, plying on a spindle! I searched YouTube for a lesson that would fit my style and found this..........

winding the single plies off the spindle onto the ball winder and then spinning both ends of the single ply back on the spindle for a balanced 2-ply yarn. It was very satisfying every step of the way! I am liking the spindle more than I thought I would!
I then unwound it from the spindle onto my niddy noddy as usual and now I have a beautiful skein of wool (54 yards!) It will be knit up into another momento pouch........ that I am done with Bruce's socks! They are in the mail son-in-law! Be sure and unpack the hug, too!
I have another pile awaiting their turn on the quilting frame.....

and one ready on the design wall.
I am making progress on my bamboo scarf (it is only 16" long) but it is on the top of the knitting list now!
I am ready for my turn for a visiting daughter and grandchildren-AND my sister and family get here on Friday so I am putting that waiting-energy to good use!


  1. Ooh! you made identical twin sox! Wow!!

  2. What a lovely colour green, and love the socks too. Wish I could knit socks, really must learn.

  3. Congrats on the spindle-spun yarn. Looks very pretty. I've always plied directly from two spindles onto a plying spindle, but I think I'll try your method next. It may take more time to wind the balls, but might also result in a smoother plying experience.


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