Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting up to Speed Again

I have been battling another UTI so to say I have been slower than usual would be an understatement! Thank you , Lord, for medicine and a good doctor. I am making good progress on Abigail's vest-on the hood now. I love how the pattern gives it a quilted look!

I finally made Abigail's 'ballet princess' skirt. We bought the fabric when Marsel was here and Abigail wanted to know the very next morning if I had it done yet! She was so cute picking out the fabric at the store................
I pulled another flannel baby quilt off the frame........I have a stack of them that need binding and will tackle that task today.

For anyone who might be color starved...........the azaleas are starting to color up our yard. As I was taking these pics I saw that I had inadvertantly caught a bumble bee, too!


  1. Abigail is going to go crazy over the skirt!!!

    I love the vest...shoulda given that project to you two years ago when I first started to be a wuss about it! :)

  2. I can't wait for our azaleas to start blooming! Any week now! I'm so thankful for my pansies though--they keep me going during the winter. I'm really excited to see what's going to come up at our new house ... there were shoots poking out from under piles of leaves around the stonework. We'll see! :o)

  3. "Hang on, spring is on the way!" [modified from an Australian song of the 70s; the real words are "Hang on, help is on its way"]

    I can't see the bumble bee - please give me a clue! [we don't have bumble bees in Oz]


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