Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Husband!

We decided to spend the day at the beach today but first needed to stop at Wally's for some freon because the truck's a/c was getting a bit wimpy.
The beach was beautiful and warm and Abigail declared the water, "Delicious!"  Even we girls went in the waves to get wet!  We had a great time baking in the sun!
Back home to clean up and then off to eat dinner at Scicily's on Crescent Lake..........

We were too full for cake when we got home but told Bill we wanted to sing him his birthday song on the front porch....he thought it was odd but he is pretty glad to cooperate when his daughter asks him for something!
Happy Birthday dear Billy......... a song and then WHAM!  with some silly string!  We wanted to make this 59th year a memorable one!
He sure was surprised!  You can say he has strong family ties........!
 (My husband is king of corn and that line was for him!)


  1. rHappy Birthday Bill! Bet that silly string was fun to get off. Ha love you, the mother-in-law

  2. He sure was a good sport -- the groovy Pops indeed!

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  4. Happy birthday Bill; you'll be more cautious next year, won't you? LOL

  5. Haha glad to see you guys emptied the cans on him- caleb

  6. happy birthday! and never trust people with a spraying can:)) and give fat hugs to everyone as revenge!

  7. Happy Birthday Bill!! That silly string look like fun, I need to plan a sneak attack on the hubby. Love the beach pics it's so beautiful but I know the heat is no fun.

  8. Wimpy AC is no good!!!

    Happy belated Bday!!! That silly string looks really fun. I have to think of an excuse to do that to some one.....

    That beach picture is gorgeous. The water and sky are both beautiful colors!


    PS: Thanks for the sewing machine needle advice!! I kept thinking because the fabric was thin that it wasn't dense, but I guess the material or the weave made it seem dense to the machine.

  9. Fun in the sun! Happy Birthday, Mr. Minota!

  10. Funny!!! And I'll bet he's wondering what you have planned for the big-6-0 bash.


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